Estonia Bidding to Host the IT Agency in the Field of Justice and Home Affairs

The Ministry of the Interior has submitted Estonia’s official proposal to host the Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice for Europe.

“Estonia is known for its innovative society and use of IT. Therefore, Estonia would be a perfect environment for the Agency,” said the Minister of the Interior Marko Pomerants. “Estonia´s candidacy follows the decision of the European Council from 2003 that new Member States should have the priority of hosting agencies. It is an important political commitment that ensures balance all over the Union,” Pomerants emphasised.

Estonia is willing to invest around 20 million EUR upon becoming the host for the Agency. This includes office premises in Tallinn and custom-built data centre for future developments in close proximity of the capital . The Government is also prepared to contribute to introducing the European School curricula and form a support team to assist establishment of the Agency.

According to Minister Pomerants, Estonia has always devoted a lot of attention to security. Tallinn already hosts NATO´s Cooperative Cyber Defence COE that manifests Estonia’s competence in the field of IT security and innovation. It would also be more cost-effective to have the headquarters and new data centres in the new Member State.

The Agency should become fully operational in 2012. The host country will be selected by the Council. Besides Estonia, only France has submitted its proposal to host the Agency.

Estonia’s proposal can be found here.

Estonian Ministry of the Interior @ 29.04.2010

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