Estonia ranks 17th in World's Mothers' Index

Save the Children, an international pressure group fighting for childrens' rights, has placed Estonia 17th in its annual list, thus finding the situation of children and mother to be better in Estonia than in several highly developed countries.

Norway is No 1 in the list, followed by Austria, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark, with Afghanistan, Nigeria, Chad, Guinea-Bissau and Yemen bringing up the rear. In all 160 countries are listed, divided into three groups according to the level of development.

Estonia is level with Italy as No 17, ahead of Latvia (25th), Lithuania (22nd) and Russia (38th). Finland is seventh in the list. Several other developing countries, including the Baltic states, ranked higher than the United States. The European states of Croatia and Slovenia also ranked higher than the US.

Compilers of the list analyzed various factors including the health of mothers and children and their welfare, such as availability of medical aid, education and economic opportunities.


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