Tallinn Ranks at 89th Place in Quality of Living

  • European cities dominate the top 10 ranking for Quality of living, with Canada, New Zealand and Australia also featuring
  • Vienna scores highest for overall quality of living, Baghdad the lowest
  • Calgary is the world's top in our Eco-city ranking, followed by Honolulu, with Ottawa and Helsinki in joint 3rd place

In comparison with other regions, Western European cities saw few changes to quality of living between 2008 and 2009. In fact, the overall standard of living remains far above the world’s average. In spite of the world’s current economic challenges, most of the changes that occurred in Western Europe were positive and covered a range of factors, including schools, housing, recreation and public services.

On a brighter note, quality of living continues to rise in many Eastern European cities, such as Belgrade (Serbia), Pristina (Kosovo), Tallinn (Estonia), Prague (Czech Republic) and Ljubljana (Slovenia). Also noteworthy is that use of the euro continued to expand, with Slovakia adopting the euro as its currency in January 2009. Eastern European cities, which have maintained political stability in recent years, have witnessed the greatest improvements in quality of living.

According to the 2010 Mercer Quality of Living survey, the region of Eastern Europe has seen the highest increase in quality of living in Europe during the most recent period of data collection (2008-2009). Prague comes in as the highest ranking East/East Central European city at number 70. The Czech capital is closely followed by the Hungarian capital, Budapest, at number 73 and the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, at 77. The Baltic countries are slightly lower on the list with Vilnius at number 79, Tallinn at 89, and Riga at 91. Warsaw ranks 84 in the survey.

Kiev, Ukraine's capital, has a lower quality of living than the above cities at number 161, but ranks higher than Moscow, which comes in at 166. The Quality of Living survey measures a variety of factors including education, health, political environment, economic environment, housing, and natural environment. A more complete list of categories and factors that define quality of living can be found at the Mercer website.

mercer.com @ 26.05.2010

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