I really appreciate the service from your end, it has been really helpful for me to settling in. Best of luck to you and I would recommend Skype to continue to provide your service to new Skypers.  


Sanath Rao

Microsoft, Software Development Engineer in Test 2 (SDET2)


Thank you!

Regarding my experience with Baltic Relocation Services

Living in foreign country for expat assignment is not easy, especially with family. Working with Enely Muna, who is the head of Baltic Relocation Service in Estonia, was cheerful experience. When we had our first meeting to find a place to live, she was very professional & gave me a guideline booklet which explained about culture, society, history, and important things for daily life in Estonia.

Enely isn't just expert in relocation services, she is the person who really cares about her clients and their family.

Our relocation was sudden, therefore, the first goal was to find a place quickly to make our life normal as much as possible. Enely provided us with wonderful service to settle in Estonia, including all those little things.

We would recommend her company to anyone who is planning to relocate in the Baltic area.

Thank you, Baltic Relocation Services!


Jooyeon Kim

Relocating with her husband

Perioodil 19.märts 2012 kuni 31.mai 2012 viidi Euroopa Sotsiaalfondi kaasrahastamisel läbi disaininõustamise projekt "BRS korporatiivse identiteedi arendamine" OÜs Baltic Relocation Services. Projekt sai tuge EASi Teadmiste ja oskuste arendamise toetamise meetmest.