Short-term accommodation

Short-term accommodationWhat fits between a business trip and living somewhere? Short term accommodation.

We'll help you find a home away from home, that fits your lifestyle. Close to the running trails or the pub crawl.



Home search

Home searchFinding a home, as opposed to a place to sleep, takes time. When you fill in the forms, you'll notice that there are lots of questions about your lifestyle. This becomes important as we start putting together a list of options for homes. Whether you are an outdoors type of person or a party animal will influence where you want to live and what type of home you want to live in: whether it's the kitchen or bedroom that should be huge.

We'll provide you with a list of potential homes and accompany you to view them, help you ask questions and give feedback on how this compares to other places we've seen. There's no rush. We'll keep looking until we find something that you really like. And once you find it, we'll be there to negotiate the contracts and handle the paperwork.


Lease negotiation and lease renewal

Lease negotiationAll good things come to an end, or so they say. But they don't have to. When contracts come up for renewal we'll help you with the negotiations. Your home or summer place.




Tenancy management

Tenancy managementIf you just want to live, work and play and not worry about the rest, then tenancy management is for you. We'll pay the bills, organize cleaning of your home as well as domestic help. We'll check the water meter once a month and send the electricity readings to the utility company.




DepartureIf it's time to move on, we'll help terminate the utility and home contracts, organize the paperwork, cancel bank accounts and find the moving company to take your stuff to your new home.

There won't be any loose ends that need to be fixed later.

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