Orientation tour

Orientation tourConsider it a taste. On your first visit here we'll show you around town, visit some nice places and also talk honestly about places you may not like. In a few days you'll get a feel for how the city works, where things are and how to get around on your own.

We'll also take you around the outskirts and suburbs in order to give you a broader view of the city and possible places to live. After all, as a tourist we usually just visit some of the main attractions. Our tour gives you a view of the real city, not the just the brochure.


Perioodil 19.märts 2012 kuni 31.mai 2012 viidi Euroopa Sotsiaalfondi kaasrahastamisel läbi disaininõustamise projekt "BRS korporatiivse identiteedi arendamine" OÜs Baltic Relocation Services. Projekt sai tuge EASi Teadmiste ja oskuste arendamise toetamise meetmest.