School and kindergarten search

There are basically two options here: the international school and kindergarten or local school and kindergarten. With the international school, we'll help you get a good contact. With local schools, we can aid in finding the suitable school within the area where you want to live. The same applies for kindergartens. However, note that with the local option, although there is greater choice there is much more competition as well as more rules that apply.

Perioodil 19.märts 2012 kuni 31.mai 2012 viidi Euroopa Sotsiaalfondi kaasrahastamisel läbi disaininõustamise projekt "BRS korporatiivse identiteedi arendamine" OÜs Baltic Relocation Services. Projekt sai tuge EASi Teadmiste ja oskuste arendamise toetamise meetmest.